Contributing to Society and
the World by Combining the Best Technologies

We, Shinko Ind.Ltd., are contributing to the world and society through three business domains: "Marine Business," "Land Business," and "Service Business."
In addition, in response to the trend toward a carbon-free society, we are actively engaged in the development of new products that contribute to carbon neutrality.

Marine Business

No.1 Marine LNG Pump in World Market Share

In anticipation of the growing need for safe and clean energies, our company began developing cryogenic liquefied gas pump in the 1970's.
In 1973, we launched a testing facility specialized for cryogenic liquefied gas pump that was the first of its kind to be built in Japan and certified by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (the current Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
Our cryogenic liquefied gas pump are all subject to factory testing, which secures high quality of the products.

In 1992, we supplied our first marine LNG pumps to a LNG carrier "Flora" constructed by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Since then, our global market share has increased and now reached over 90%. These LNG pumps have become one of our main products that supports our company, much like our cargo oil pumps.
Our LNG pumps receive a high reputation from customers worldwide.

No.1 Cargo Oil Pump and Drive Turbine for Crude Oil Tankers in World Market Share

With a commanding global market share of over 80%, our company stands as the leading manufacturer of cargo oil pumps and drive turbines for crude oil tankers.
Additionally, we take pride in our extensive track record of supplying a substantial number of power generator turbines and pumps for ship engine rooms, consistently receiving high praise from our customers worldwide.
We manufacture and market cargo oil pumps and drive turbines as a set. During our pre-shipment testing at the factory, we inspect our products under conditions that closely simulate the shipboard enviroment. This ensures that we deliver highly reliable products to our customers.

Marine Development ~The Culmination of Our Technologies~

To meet the growing demand for floating offshore oil and gas production facilities such as the FPSO*, we provide cargo oil pumps and drive turbines, power generator turbines, cryogenic liquefied gas pump, and various pumps for engine rooms. Our company is firmly committed to embodying excellence in technology in our products, as we believe that extensive experience and unparalleled reliability are paramount when it comes to offshore oil and gas equipment for FPSOs.
In addition, we supply our pumps to floating LNG storage and regasification units (FSRU*), which unload liquefied natural gas (LNG) from LNG tankers, store it at ambient temperature and pressure, and then deliver it to onshore pipelines and other infrastructure.

※1 FPSO : Floating Production, Storage and Offloading
※2 FSRU : Floating Storage and Regasification Unit

Land Business

No. 1 in Domestic Production of Land-Based Power Generator Turbine

Renewable energy has been gathering attention in recent times. However, our company has a longstanding history of manufacturing power generating turbines that utilieze renewable sources such as biomass and general waste products.
We are well-known for supplying power generator turbines to plywood mills and waste incineration plants for municipalities in Japan, as well as to sugar and palm oil factories overseas.
We test all of our generator turbines with/without a load before shipment, allowing us to consistently provide dependable products to our customers.

Service Business

We have established service stations around the world, earning trust through our commitment to customer-first service.

In 1964, we took the pioneering step of establishing our first overseas service base, setting a precedent in the industry. We have consistently strengthened our after-sales service by dispatching engineers to support our customers. Today, we have overseas subsidiaries in Amsterdam and Shanghai, offices in Bangkok, Singapore, and Doha, as well as a joint venture in Malaysia. In collaboration with our overseas agents, we have realized rapid after-sales service.
Regardless of location, domestic or international, we quickly dispatch our engineer to the site whenever there is an issue with our products, solving problems on the spot and earning the trust of our customers.

In recent years, we have further enhanced our customer-centric approach to after-sales service by providing remote monitoring services for land-based power generator turbines, utilizing IoT technology.

“IoTurbine System”

We, Shinko, have launched a new after-sales business called “IoTurbine System” to provide further customer-oriented services.

A new era that will bring significant new value is around the corner. These days, we often hear the term “IoT” where technology around us connects to the Internet, everything from industrial equipment, public infrastructure, automobiles to home electronics.

With this IoT-based technology applied to our turbines, we have developed a new after-sales system that can support highly-efficient turbine operation while preventing the major potential failures. From our unique point of view as a manufacturer specialized in turbines, we would like to contribute to our customers in both “maximizing profits by electric power generation” and “minimizing lifetime costs”.

Toward a Carbon-Free Society

Development of New Products Contributing to Carbon Neutrality

We are actively dedicated to developing new products to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society. Leveraging our expertise in ultra-low temperatures, we have successfully developed pumps for unloading liquefied hydrogen (LH2), which we supplied for the world's first LH2 carrier.

Furthermore, as the maritime industry transitions from traditional heavy oil to LNG, adopting engines that reduce carbon dioxide emissions, we have achieved success in developing LNG fuel supply pumps, which can be utilized not only in LNG carriers but also in bunkering ships and car carriers. Looking forward, with the growing momentum behind ammonia-powered vessels for a carbon-free future, we have initiated the development of pumps for ammonia supply to main engines. We are continuously embracing challenges to align with the trend toward a carbon-free society.