Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy consists of the following 3 factors: Purpose, Business Policies, and Codes of Conduct.
This philosophy is based on our old company code, which during our 50th anniversary, was updated to allow our company to achieve further development.
All company employees including upper management personnel share this philosophy and revisit it every now and then as our company’s origin and backbone.

To renew our enthusiasm in reaching the 100th year of our company, we have created the frame below to be posted at the job sites, in the offices, on each floor of the head office, and in conference rooms from the beginning of April 2014.

Human Resource Philosophy

In November of 2015, based on our corporate philosophy, consisting of purpose, business policies, and codes of conduct, we formulated a Human Resource Philosophy that clearly states how a Shinko employee should behave, and what human resource systems are necessary and which need to be developed to improve the company.

This has become the cornerstone of our decision making process in human resource development and our business model.

Along with our corporate philosophy, the following mission statement has been posted at job sites, in offices, on each floor of the head office, and in conference rooms.